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Purchasing and Ordering

Returning Customers from Old Website

If had an existing account with us on our old website, your account information has been carried over to this new website. However, we need your help to register for a new account and use the same email address you chose for your existing account. Our new website will recognize your email address and ask you to choose a new secure password. This will reactivate your old eHobby account with us on this new website.

Why do I need to do this? Because modern security protocols require that we upgrade all customer passwords, and this step will ensure that your account details remain secure and private.

If you have any problems or questions about your old account, please contact for assistance.

Completing Your Purchase & Checking Out

All prices shown on our website are in US Dollars.  When you're done shopping, click "Checkout" to place your order. All of the items in your shopping bag appear in your order during checkout. If you don't want to order all of the items, simply edit your shopping bag. During checkout, you will be asked to provide:

  • Your e-mail address and password.
  • The address you want to ship to.
  • Your preferred shipping method.
  • Your preferred payment method.
  • Any coupon codes you have received.

You will have a chance to verify the information in checkout and, if no changes are necessary, proceed to "Checkout". You will also receive an e-mail confirming that your order has been received. We will send you another e-mail to notify you when your order has been shipped.

If you want to learn more about where we ship and the costs, read our shipping policy.

Prior to completing your order, please read our TERMS & CONDITIONS carefully and make sure you understand them.

Out Of Stock Items

"SOLD OUT" means the item is temporarily out of stock. Once the item is re-stocked, it will be available for purchase again. If you don't want to miss the item, sign up for our email notification to get alerted when the item comes back in stock. Simply enter your email address in the NOTIFY ME WHEN AVAILABLE field on the product page of the item that interests you.

eHobby Coupon Codes

If you have a coupon code, you can enter it in the "Discount Code" field on the checkout page. You may only use one coupon code for each order. You cannot retroactively apply a coupon code to your order after you have completed the checkout.

Payment Methods

At the moment, we accept:

  1. Paypal, or Credit Card via Paypal
  2. Bank Transfer/Telegraph transfer (TT).
    Our Bank Information as below :
    Beneficiary Bank Name : The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
    Beneficiary Bank Address : 1 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
    Beneficiary Account Name : eHobby Asia International Limited
    Bank Code: 004
    Bank Account No (2019 New Account). : 004-747-084929-838
    Swift Code :HSBCHKHHHKH

Import Taxes

For European customers, you are responsible for all the customs and import duties and taxes.  If you refuse to pay import tax after the package arrives in your country, the package may be refused entry or returned to us.  In this case, we reserve the right not to refund your order due to the extra costs incurred by your refusal to pay taxes on your own order.  Please ensure that you are willing to pay import taxes charged by your government before ordering.

For USA customers, no import taxes are charged.


Airsoft Laws By Country

Argentina Airsoft Laws

Airsoft is permitted in Argentina for anyone over 18 years of age, but importation requires a permit by federal law 26.216.  If you do not have an import permit, we cannot ship airsoft guns to you.  Only accessories and parts can be shipped.

Australia Airsoft Laws

In general, Australia bans airsoft since anything capable of firing full auto or resembles a real gun is banned.  Even parts are sometimes confiscated by customs, although masks, vests and other items are clothing are approved for import.  If you ask us to disassemble an airsoft gun and ship it to you separately, the chances are that some or all parts of the shipments will be confiscated.  So we do not recommend this.

Canada Airsoft Laws

All airsoft guns entering Canada must shoot at least 366fps to qualify as an airsoft gun.  An airsoft gun that shoots below 366fps will be considered a replica firearm, which requires an import license.  We can modify all airsoft guns to shoot over 366fps to comply with this legal requirement.

Canada also bans the import of airsoft silencers so if you choose a gun that has a silencer included, we need to remove it before shipping your gun.

German Airsoft Laws

Importation of airsoft guns into Germany requires that they are registered with the German government, as indicated by an F mark engraved on their main body.  All guns shipped to Germany also need to be converted to semi-auto.  When purchasing guns from us, please ensure they have an F mark and are legal for import into Germany.  Since we sell to an international customer base, our F marked guns are not semi-auto only and may be full-auto.  That is why we need to convert them to semi-auto only before shipping to you.

Italy Airsoft Laws

Airsoft guns shipped to Italy needs to have a permanently affixed blaze orange barrel tip.  We will install this or paint the tip of the barrel orange before shipping to comply with Italian laws.

Japan Airsoft Laws

Airsoft guns shipped to Japan must not exceed 1 Joule of power.  We can modify airsoft guns to below 1 Joule to comply with local laws before shipping.  We can also disassemble airsoft guns on request.

Korea Airsoft Laws

Airsoft guns shipped to Japan must not exceed 0.5 Joule of power.  We can modify airsoft guns to below 0.5 Joule to comply with local laws before shipping.  We can also disassemble airsoft guns on request.

Netherlands Airsoft Law

Dutch airsoft players must belong to a certified airsoft organization to buy airsoft guns with a maximum allowable power of 3.5 Joules.  To purchase airsoft guns from us, you must present your membership number and certificate from the NABV (Dutch Airsoft Sport Association) to legal import of airsoft guns into the Netherlands.

New Zealand Airsoft Laws

If you are purchasing an airsoft gun from New Zealand, please know that importation requires that you have an import license.  We will ask you to provide your import license details so that we can include it in the shipping documents prior to sending your order to you.  This ensures that your airsoft gun will be approved and cleared at New Zealand customs.

Norway Airsoft Laws

It is legal to purchase and own airsoft guns if you are 18 years or older.  You must carry airsoft guns inside a bag at all times.  If you are purchasing an airsoft gun from us, we may ask you for proof of your age.

Portugal Airsoft Laws

An import license certificate is required before we can ship airsoft guns to you.   Please email us your import certificate after placing your order, along with your order number.

Swiss Airsoft Laws

An import license certificate is required before we can ship airsoft guns to you.   Please email us your import certificate after placing your order, along with your order number.

UK Airsoft Laws

UK law requires that customers purchasing or importing airsoft guns must be a UKARA member in order to keep guns looking like they do in their original form.  If you are not a UKARA member, then the gun you purchase must be painted in 2-tone (i.e. have 50% of it painted in bright colors like orange, green or blue in order to indicate it is a toy gun).  You may learn more about how to join UKARA at

US Airsoft Laws

All airsoft guns shipped to the United States need to have a blaze orange flash hider permanently attached to the barrel tip of the gun.  Sometimes we will use very strong glue to affix a plastic flash hider or tip to your gun, while in other cases we may paint the first inch of your barrel with orange paint.  US customs will test to ensure that the orange is not easily removable before allowing the airsoft gun into the United States.

If you live in the state of California, an additional local law called SB-199 requires that airsoft guns must also have blue, orange or other bright colored tape attached to a combination of the stock, pistol grip, trigger guard and foregrip.  Again, the purpose is to clearly show that it is an airsoft pistol and not a real gun.  While the colored tape is removable, we recommend you keep them intact when displaying your airsoft gun in public to avoid any legal problems.

Airsoft Laws In Other Countries

The airsoft laws in different countries can change without prior notice.  This article maintained by the airsoft community is a good reference for the current situation in countries not listed above.