Raven (PDI) Cylinder Full Set for ARES AW338 Series


All parts are made of Carbon steel except piston,so has relly good durability.Also piston has good speed of initial motion,so get more FPS

Please note this piston is for 1J around.If you want more durability,please choise VSR-10 Metal piston series.

Raven (PDI) Cylinder Full Set for ARES AW338 Series
- Carbon steel & Delrin Made
- Fit for ARES AW338 Series Airsoft Sniper Rifle
- Package include Raven Cylinder, Raven Cylinder Head, Raven Piston and Raven Spring Guide

Brands: PDI PDI
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AW338 cylinder seems to be same as VSR-10 size. But actually not same, we don't know that difference is that ARES intentional or not. PDI make new size because that difference will be affect the position when stop the bolt. So this cylinder is surely new size for specific to AW338.


Quality Control (Material is also made in japan)
Reduced the tolerance at every lot, reliable bore Dia
This material is made in japan, so good quality for that cylinder. PDI pursued the dimension precision. so almost same as 3rd company SUS inner barrel as 1/100mm class.

Laser Welded (Welded Body & Endboss)
Welded 360

More Information
Item Weight (gram) 240
Color Black
Built Material Carbon steel & Delrin Made
Manufacturer PDI
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