Other services

eHobby Asia(亞洲模型玩具) 陳列室其他產品及服務


  • 氣槍及零件批發

    本公司備有多款氣槍及零件,提供本地及國外批發服務。如對本公司批發有興趣,請電郵至wholesales@ehobbyasia.com 或致電+852-3165-1541,本公司營業員會盡快聯絡有關批發事宜。

  • 專業氣槍維修


eHobby Asia Hong Kong Showroom Other Services

Our showroom provides the following services

  • Wholesale service

    eHobbyAsia provides wholesale service of airsoft products in a worldwide scale. We experience in importing and exporting latest and top quality airsoft products. If you are interested in our wholesales service, please email to wholesales@ehobbyasia.com or call +852-3165-1541. One of our sales representatives will contact you shortly.

  • Professional airsoft modification and repair service

    We provide repair and upgrade service for most airsoft guns, which include the replacement of worn and broken internal components and installation of upgraded parts and accessories. For inquiries, please bring the required airsoft and parts to our showroom, or call +852-3165-1541 for the details.