MAGPUL PTS Go- Season One - FPG adventure

Date: Nov 25th, 2012 (Sunday)
Time: 12:00 to 18:00
Venue: CQB Plaza - 5/F
Content: 1. Search & Access
The mission is to find the targets and engage. Meanwhile, operators need to search for the password code to unlock the secret briefcase. During the mission, operators are also requested to engage with all PTS targets and find the briefcase. After arriving at the last checkpoint, operators need to hit the STOP Button.

2. VIP rescue
Operators received a mission to rescue the VIP placed at the selected location. Operators analyze the document from the brief case and rescue the VIP from the MARK. Before reaching the VIP, Operators will enter into the GREEN zone. The Operators must FOLD UP the FPG in the GREEN zone. After that, operators need to leave the selected location and continue engaging all PTS targets. Operators need to hit the STOP button once they are done with the final checkpoint.

3. Backout (Rear Attack)
Transport the VIP from battle field to HOME: Operators received an order from Head quarter . They need to transport the VIP from point A to point B (HOME). On the way back HOME, Operators need to engage all PTS targets. Locate the HOME and hit the STOP button.

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