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eHobby Asia (亞洲模型玩具) 一站式氣槍陳列室已在 新蒲崗正式開業,營業時間由星期一至六上午十一時至晚上七時,星期日及公眾假期休息。 (按此了解營業時間詳情)



所以我們建議各 WarGame Fans 親臨 新蒲崗本陳列室選購,所有本地優惠及特價推廣只限適用於新蒲崗陳列室。

We are the largest one-stop Airsoft showroom in the region with a dedicated shooting area for our visitors to test drive our products. We open from Monday to Saturday 11am - 7pm, and closed on Sunday. (Press for the detail opening hours)

As one of the largest one-stop-shop Airsoft showroom, we offer a full range of Airsoft products from AEGs, GBBs, Upgrade Parts, Combat Gears and Accessories at a very competitive price. Other than our online store, we aim to provide an additional platform to our customers and Airsoft fans connecting to us with the latest products.

We have a strong network with our vendors and suppliers from Japan, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Our displays include products from Tokyo Marui, Maruzen, Marushin, KSC, WA, Magpul, G&P, King Arms, Action and more.

The currency and the price of the products sold at the showroom are in term of HK dollars, but the purchase made in our website is based on the export price. Therefore, no prior notice will be given for any discrepancies of the price. We welcome the customers to come to our showroom. All of the local on-sales promotion and campaign are only confined and applied to the showroom purchase.

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電話(Tel) : +852 3705-9540
地址(Address) : 亞洲模型玩具有限公司

    eHobby Asia Co.Ltd.
Shop On 1ST Floor, Wealth Court
NO.98 Tseuk Luk Street,
San Po Kong, Kowloon,
Hong Kong
Diamond Hill Station Exit A2. Walking to eHobbyasia (About 15 mins)
鑽石山地鐵站A2出口, 步行前往eHobbyAsia (約15分鐘)

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