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WE L85A2 GBB Rifle (Open-Chamber)

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WE L85A2 Open Chamber Gas Blow Back GBB Rifle
- Nylon Fiber Handguard, Pistol Grip, Cheek Piece With Rubber Stock Pad (Olive Drab)
- Steel Receiver and Carry Handle / Aluminum Outer Barrel (Black)
-- Open Bolt System
-- Powerful Weapon reach 410FPS MUZZLE POWER

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Item Number: WE-GBB-L85A2-OC
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WE L85A2 GBB Rifle (Open-Chamber)WE L85A2 GBB Rifle (Open-Chamber)
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WE-GBB-L85A2-OC WE L85A2 GBB Rifle (Open-Chamber) WE L85A2 GBB Rifle (Open-Chamber) WE L85A2 GBB Rifle (Open-Chamber) WE L85A2 GBB Rifle (Open-Chamber) WE L85A2 GBB Rifle (Open-Chamber) WE L85A2 GBB Rifle (Open-Chamber) WE L85A2 GBB Rifle (Open-Chamber) WE L85A2 GBB Rifle (Open-Chamber) WE L85A2 GBB Rifle (Open-Chamber) WE L85A2 GBB Rifle (Open-Chamber)
WE L85A2 Open Chamber Gas Blow Back GBB Rifle
Fully & Semi Automatic Shooting Mode
Steel / Aluminum / Nylon Fiber Construction

- Open Bolt System<-- Makes this gun operate more realistic
- Heavy Blowback recoil System
- Steel Receiver and Carry Handle
- Aluminum Outer Barrel
- Nylon Fiber Handguard, Pistol Grip, Cheek Piece With Rubber Stock Pad
- Grip storage for tool kit

Adjustable HOPUP System
Carry Handle integrated with Rear Iron Sights
M4 Type Magazine accommodate 30 rounds 6mm airsoft plastic BB
Aluminum Made 14mm Counter-Clockwise Flash Hider
Sling mount can be installed with any single, 2- or 3- point tactical sling
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Item Weight (gram) 4030
Major Color Black
Length 795mm
Barrel Length ~440mm
Blow Back Yes
Hop-up Adjustable
Shooting Mode Semi/Fully Automatic
Magazine Capacity 30 Rounds
Bullet Type 6mm BB
Pistol Power Source HFC134a &amp; HFC22 Gas
Power (Muzzle Velocity) 410FPS (Top Gas Test @ 25°C Room Temperature)
Manufacturer WE-Tech
Package Includes
  • WE L85A2 Open Chamber Gas Blow Back GBB Rifle
  • 30 rounds Metal Gas Magazine
  • Instruction Manual
  • Original Box

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Customer Reviews

Daeyoung on 11/21/15

Only L85 in GBB in the market.
Best accuracy & long range as it's long inner barrel.
Basically same to WE's M4 in internal, But some parts are different
Best for modern British reenactors.

Dave on 11/11/13

The WE L85 is a great gun. Unlike the other review I have used many of WEs lineup and this has the second best recoil of them (number one being the AceVD)

My particular gun fired a whopping 525fps with. 2g BBS at 20°c so NPAS is a must to play on moet fields and cqb. Mine can be tuned from 320-650fps granted I simply didn't want to turn it up higher

This is one of the most accurate gbbr I have ever handled right out of the box with no issues hitting targets at 150+ feet in good conditions.

I made it 4/5 stars on price I know most of the body is steel and quite well made but there are some quality issues that should not have been overlooked with how expensive this rifle is compared to WEs other rifles.

The gun is very realistic being incredibly close to the real gun in shape size weight and feel and has the appropriate dovetail rail for mounting a susat scope. Mags fit very snug (unlike the other review)
The majority of this gun uses the same parts as the WE M4 platform. The trigger assembly and nozzle are the same with minor modifications. And it uses a VSR10 hop up system. So replacement and upgrade parts are very easy to find.
Great recoil
Smooth action
Well balanced

Some build issues (listed)
Literally shakes itself apart with recoil

List of issues (some may be unique to my particular rifle)

Cheek rest was attached poorly and never stuck on properly. Lost in mid game.
The pistol grip is attached to the gun with an incredibly tiny screw. Would be worth it to attach it with a bolt at your own discretion.
The screws literally shake loose with the force of the recoil. Using a thread locker and checking the screws often during maintenance will stop your gun from falling apart mid game (happened to me. Not fun)
As with many bull pup air soft guns. BBS may get jammed in the feeding mechanism when reloading if the magazine is not empty and can damage the gun.

In summary this is a great gun. But requires maintenance like any air soft gun. I have been using it as my primary gun for a year and it has always done me good. And still 100% stock.

I recommend buying a rail adaptor or just going with a susat sight.
Buying an npas is probably also a must.

Thanks for reading I hope it helps

Sai on 8/29/12

Being the only bullpup GBBR on the market WE has a lot of expectations for every GBBR user out there. Here is my review on the WE L85.

My personal WE L85 is currently fitted with the WE L85 RIS kit so I will do a comparison of both stock vs railed.

Short reivew Version:

FPS when tested around 470-500fps

- Nice externals
- Good chrisp blowback action
- Materials are a mix of aluminum and some other metals.
- Short Trigger
- Little to no wobble on the whole gun except the front handguard very slight wobble
- Only Bullpup GBBR
- Well balanced
- Easy to get used to
- Cheek rest removable to install a newer more cushioned one.
- Pretty darn accurate
- Easy to take apart / Re-assemble its literally two Pins you need to push out.

- The mag well has a lot of play with the mag inserted if anyone is running like mad or shaking the gun a lot there will be a potential for it to fall out.
- the top carrying handle can be removed to reveal a 17mm proprietary rail. Luckily it can be removed by a few screws
- The bolt release takes a lot of effort to press down to release the bolt and even more so to hold the bold in place.
- The FPS was way too high for any indoor or outdoor game. This may be due to the fact I added in TOP gas but you may need to buy an NPAS or find some trick to make it not use all the gas vented.
- Loud as crap because your ear is beside where the action takes place , personally I don't mind but you do go deaf after firing full auto for a whole clip.

Overall 4.5/5

Detailed review:

The WE L85 GBBR currently the only bullpup GBB on the market with that in mind WE has done a fantastic job at making it. The stock L85 has a good amount of recoil that can felt but not overpowering the user. The externals on the gun are the best so far on any L85 GBB or AEG. The materials on the gun is a mix of aluminum and some other metal with the major parts such as the bolt and heavy stained parts being made of a thicker denser metal. The front hand guard on the L85 is standard play no issues there, the materials used for it are really nice and feel very durable. I have replaced my front hand guard with the Madbull Daniel Defense RIS but the WE version which has the caliber on the rail instead of saying for airsoft training only on the Madbull one. I would suggest everyone to go out to get the Madbull RIS instead because as soon as I got this gun I wanted to attach a lot of accessories onto it, plus it make it look way better. During the process of replacing my front handguard with the newer one I ran into the issue where the gas block has a little push in tab that keeps the front metal piece that holds the front iron sight and barrel together very hard to get off. So hard infact that when I applied a little force to turn the piece to remove it that 2/4 of the little slits to turn the piece broke off. So far this is the only really frail part of the gun I have found everything else is pretty durable. Also after I installed the new RIS the felt recoil on the gun went up quite a bit. The trigger on the L85 is super short and takes but a slight pull to engage which I think is the best for a GBBR however the only issue I can see with that is some people might accidentally discharge it. Also the cheek rest can be removed and replace with others such as a more comfortable cheek rest. The carrying handle is also removable revealing a small proprietary rail on the top which thankfully can be taken off by removing a few screws on top then you can replace it with your own standard rail instead. The internals of the gun is an amazing feat in itself the internals have a giant gap between the trigger and the action group of the gun which is fine because the top of the gun has a lot of the other important parts.

Would I recommend this gun to others? Yes I would everyone that wants a fun practical and well balanced gun should get this. However if you want a gun with heavier recoil in its stock form I suggest you to get a WE 416 or G39 those have significantly better felt recoil.

Externals - 4.5/5
Internals - 5/5
Performance - 5/5
Customibility - 4/5
Overall - 4.5/5

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