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Umarex H&K HK416 M27 IAR GBB Rifle

Quick Overview

Umarex H&K HK416 M27 IAR Gas Blow Back GBB Rifle
-- Official H&K (HECKLER & KOCH) Licensed Authentic Marking With Unique Serial Number on Body
-- Come With Bayonet lug for Attach your dummy Bayonet
-- Polymer made Pistol Grip and New Design H&K Retractable Stock With Rubber Pad
-- 400mm Metal Made Outer Barrel With 45mm Flash Hider (14mm CCW Barrel Thread)
-- 280mm RAS Picatinny Rail Handguard for all your tactical accessories
-- 30 Rounds Loading Capacity Magazine
-- Powerful Weapon Over 450FPS MUZZLE POWER
-- Fully/Semi Automatic Shooting
-- Infantry Automatic Rifle / Black Color Version

Package Come with Hard Rifle Case (910mm X 310mm X 110mm)

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Item Number: UMAREX-GBB-416-IAR
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Umarex H&K HK416 M27 IAR GBB RifleUmarex H&K HK416 M27 IAR GBB Rifle
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UMAREX-GBB-416-IAR Umarex H&K HK416 M27 IAR GBB Rifle Umarex H&K HK416 M27 IAR GBB Rifle Umarex H&K HK416 M27 IAR GBB Rifle Umarex H&K HK416 M27 IAR GBB Rifle Umarex H&K HK416 M27 IAR GBB Rifle Umarex H&K HK416 M27 IAR GBB Rifle Umarex H&K HK416 M27 IAR GBB Rifle Umarex H&K HK416 M27 IAR GBB Rifle Umarex H&K HK416 M27 IAR GBB Rifle Umarex H&K HK416 M27 IAR GBB Rifle Umarex H&K HK416 M27 IAR GBB Rifle
History of HK416 M27 IAR:
The M249 Squad Automatic Weapon has served for 27 years in USMC. in 2010, M249 SAW was started to be replaced with the Heckler and Koch M27 infantry Automatic Rifle as a new standard for infantry Automatic Rifle.

The M27 IAR is lighter and more accuracy. With a lighter new generation automatic rifle. Marine can move faster and deploy constantly firepower with accuracy. The enemy combatants will now face a more lethal strike.

USMC plans to purchase more than four thousand M27s, and replace the existing SAWs in every infantry and light armored reconnaissance battalion in the Corps.

The US Navy SEALs was used This Series Rifle to Kill Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad in 2011.

HK M27 IAR Airsoft GBB by Umarex and VFC
VFC doesn't only present the mature, veteran-like and highly craftsmanship on exterior design, but it is also carries the the latest version GBBR bolt, which results in better gas efficiency and stronger recoil, general performance steps in next level.

Umarex H&K HK416 M27 IAR Gas Blow Back GBB Rifle
1/1 Scale Gas Blow Black Powered Airsoft GBB Rifle
Infantry Automatic Rifle Version
Aluminum Alloy / Steel / Fiber reinforced polymer Construction
Featuring SEMI & FULLY Automatic Shooting Mode
Official H&K (HECKLER & KOCH) Licensed Authentic Marking on Body
QPQ carbonitriding process, millitary standard bayonet lug, fix bayonet without modification
Shot muzzle velocity ~450FPS out of the box

USMC IAR standard 16.5 inches free-floating barrel is surrounded by H&K 11 inches quad one-piece Picatinny free floating rail system

400mm Metal Made Outer Barrel With 45mm Flash Hider (14mm CCW Barrel Thread)
280mm RAS Picatinny Rail Handguard for all your tactical accessories
Engraved "HECKLER & KOCH" Logo marking on the Receiver
Metal Knight type Flip-up Front Sight and Micro 600 meters Rotary Diopter Sight
Full Metal magazine accommodate 30rds 6mm BB Bullets

Polymer made Pistol Grip and New Design H&K Retractable Stock With Rubber Pad

Adjustable HOPUP System
M27 IAR Type Charging handle latch
Sling mount can be installed with any single, 2- or 3- point tactical sling
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Package Come with Hard Rifle Case (910mm X 310mm X 110mm)
Item Weight (gram) 3330
Major Color Black
Length 855mm / 935mm (Extened)
Barrel Length ~310mm
Blow Back Yes
Hop-up Adjustable
Shooting Mode Semi/Fully Automatic
Magazine Capacity 30 Rounds
Bullet Type 6mm BB
Pistol Power Source HFC134a & HFC22 Gas
Power (Muzzle Velocity) 450FPS (Top Gas Test @ 25°C Room Temperature)
Manufacturer Umarex
Package Includes
  • Umarex H&K HK416 M27 IAR Gas Blow Back GBB Rifle
  • Metal Bayonet lug
  • 35 rounds Gas Magazine
  • BB Loader
  • Instruction Manual
  • Original Box

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Customer Reviews

Ho on 11/11/15

The gun looks absolutely glamorous! Its appearance is superb and the way that you strip it down like a real steel just makes you can't be happier. Better still, the gun has a solid, realistic construction. On the negative side, this gun shoots decently accurate but in the considering of the price, I think it could be better. Furthermore, this gun requires more upgrades which made me somewhat disappointed. Overall, it's still a fairly good gun.As a conclusion, you should go for it if you really like it.

Christian on 3/12/14

Ok, so i got this gun by a mistake because i was supposed to get the AEG version. So thats a low mark on e-hobby. but anyways..

This rifle is amazing and i wouldnt trade it for the world!
It shoot very well (chronoed in at 405fps -ish with .25g BB's)

It looks about as real as it can, absolutely flawless exterior.

Internals are very good, but at the price you kinda expect them to be. how ever i find it rather dificult to find aftermarket parts to upgrade it.

there are two minor things with this gun that iv'e discovered, and that is the pin just above the trigger wants to come loose, so make sure its in at all times, because if it shifts out of one hole the safety wont work and it will shoot full auto even on safe.

the second thing is the screw on top of the nozzle comes loose after just a few magazines, unscrew it put on some blue loctite and screw it back on, problem solved!

i am 100% pleased with this rifle, the weight, the look and the feel when you shoot it is bar none. top marks in every field!

Trung on 2/18/14

This is my first GBBR airsoft reifle and I couldn't be happier... :)

Don on 4/12/13

Once received tested the G&P PMAG for VFC does work with this model of H&K 416, the magazine release was little weak change out wit h a G&P ambi mag release did have to modified it to fit. Overall the gun shoots very good and going to make a wonderful addition to my collection

Alex on 11/28/12

Introduction -
For many months, Umarex has hinted at an upcoming GBBR M27 throughout the various airsoft news websites and forums. Many have speculated that this is nothing more than a fancy upgraded HK416 and because it was outsourced, manufactured by VFC, many have decided to take a wait and see approach to this weapon. The track record for VFC's GBBR M4 and HK416 have not been well received. Many have discussed about the stress fracture on the 1st gen BOLTS and premature wearing down of firing pins because hammer struck the firing pin too hard when dry firing. Let me start this review process with the following caveats:■I have been shooting airsoft since 1996

■Mostly Tokyo Marui based *STOCK* guns (including: Desert Eagles Hard Kick2, MK23 SOCOMM Non blow back, PSG-1, Aug Steyr Military. etc...)

■GBB pistos includes (KSC G17, Maruzen P99, WE Baby Hi Cappa, KSC MK23, etc...)

■This is my FRIST GBBR ever and until recently (last 8 months) didn't even realize GBBR has become a reality.
I have no pre-conceived knowledge on the PROS or CONS of Brand X vs. Brand Y vs. Brand Z. The review you are about to read is from my POV and so feel free to take what information you have received with a grain of salt.

Inital Impressions -
I had to order this unit from one of the Hong Kong airsoft shops and it had to be delivered in seperate packages to ensure successful delivery and avoiding seizure by U.S. Customs, I live in NY. The first part of the order came in first with the gorgeous hardcover case and upper reciever. The upper receiver is absolutely STUNNING the HK trades on the SIDE of the receiver to the markings on the RAIL, down to the HK logo etched right onto the GAS bolt is truly a magnificent piece of engineering/art! The lower receiver arrived about two weeks later and again the same level of detailing came across for the lower receiver as well. The fire selector is ambidextrous but plastic(?) too hard to tell, but it is CRISP and you can hear/feel the *SNAP* of the fire selector switch as it is changed from MODE to MODE. The adjustable stock is a modified HK(?) crane stock and is great new design because the lever is FLUSH with the stock, recessed and pistol grip and stock have has *hidden* compartments for storing small items.

I quickly attached the upper and lower receivers together and locked the body pins in place, pulled the charging handle back and cheated the BOLT catch lever so the bolt locked back even without magazine in receiver. The grin on my FACE was stretched wide and my glimmered with lust when the BOLT release was pressed and the BOLT slammed HOME. WOW! Why oh why did I wait so long before buying a GBBR?!??

Operation -
I have already fired about 40+ mags have been fired so far and I have yet to encounter any major issues with the unit. The unit chrono in about 425FPS on the initiial first few shots with a fully charged magazine using .25 precision BBs. No noticible/perceptable drop in power/speed untl about 12~14 rounds later. The last few rounds of BBs clocked in around 345~360 FPS. On a full (over 45 secs) of GREEN gas load, the magazine was able to completely empty 35+ BBs and then still able to dry fire for at least another 15 before needing any additional gas. After hurricase Sandy blew through NY, two large trees have fallen across my back yard and effectively destroying my outdoor test range so accuracy tests currently not available just yet. Ditto on testing HOP UP. The FPS was gathered from shooting in my basesment but isn't long enough to test accuracy of unit. I did bring the M27 into one of my local Airsoft dealers and they were loving the unit. One guys was so happy that unlike the KWA LM4, the charging handle will allow for power charging unit. On this unit just like in Real Steel, by pulling the charging handle back even gun is on saftey, the BOLT will simply be released and return to close position. The two techs on site were impressed because the KWA version MUST always use the BOLT release button to release the bolt.

Concerns -
I have reviewed most of the posts on this forum and others and have gleaned that this unit suffers from perceived poor craftsmanship and spooty eliability marks this unit with only a very SMALL handfull of users who are truly interested. I have spoken to some of you already and have a good idea of what you are looking for. Please see the attached pictures and let me know if they are adequate and I will try to answer as best as I can.

Pictures -
Sorry for the indirect link to pics, the pics were all over the file size restrictions.for Arnie's... See URL below and do let me know if you should have any additonal questions/concerns.


Conclusion -
Easily one of the BEST gun purcahses I have ever taken. Unikt shoots hard and rewards users with a CRISP recoil letting you know that one of your bbs is heading down range and should be hitting you target. The unit was already a nice gun as is but when it comes in a HARD CASE and speed loader included, it just made this unit that much more fun special to collect and own.

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