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Tokyo Marui FN Five-Seven GBB Pistol

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Tokyo Marui Gas Blowback Series No.33
-- FN 5-7 (Five-seveN) GBB Airsoft Pistol
-- Heavy Weight Design offer strong Blow Back recoil action
-- Best side arms of FN P90 Rifle

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Item Number: TM-GBB-FN57
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Tokyo Marui FN Five-Seven GBB PistolTokyo Marui FN Five-Seven GBB Pistol
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Tokyo Marui FN Five-Seven GBB Pistol Tokyo Marui FN Five-Seven GBB Pistol Tokyo Marui FN Five-Seven GBB Pistol Tokyo Marui FN Five-Seven GBB Pistol Tokyo Marui FN Five-Seven GBB Pistol Tokyo Marui FN Five-Seven GBB Pistol
History of Five-seveN USG
"FNH created 5.7mmx28 Special Cartridge Type for its FN P90 to meet NATO requirement in 2000. Subsequently, they produced FN Five-SeveN as a sidearm for same cartridge. USG (United State Government) is its latest version of Five-SeveN. "
Tokyo Marui reproduced the 1:1 replica Airsoft of this amazing weapon with 6mm BB Bullets to complete your FN collection.

Gas Blow Back Pistol from Tokyo Marui
Metal Constructed Magazine accommodate 26 +1 Round 6mm airsoft plastic pellets
Checkered Grip Pattern with large thumb Magazine Release
Heavy Weight ABS Slide & Aluminum Outer Barrel with 20mm Under Rail
RIS rail fit for tactical laser & flashlight attachment
As always, Adjustable HOP UP system is equipped

SPECIAL THANKS to (c) 2009 Nishiyan240
Item Weight (gram) 740
Major Color Black
Length 208mm
Barrel Length ~100mm
Blow Back Yes
Hop-up Adjustable
Shooting Mode Semi-Automatic
Magazine Capacity 26+1
Bullet Type 6mm BB
Pistol Power Source HFC134a Gas
Power (Muzzle Velocity) 230 FPS (HFC134a Test @ 25°C Room Temperature) - Recommend
Manufacturer Tokyo Marui / TM
Package Includes
  • Tokyo Marui FN5-7 GBB Airsoft Pistol
  • 26 rounds Magazine
  • 1 Bag 0.20g Marui Bullets
  • Instruction Manual (Japanese)

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Customer Reviews

Chris on 4/8/14

If your a fan of the splinter cell series then you'll definitely want to buy this it's accurate, reliable, and unique. If you wanna be like Sam fisher or have a unique gun to impress everybody then get this gun.

Ryan on 11/3/13

I bought this about 6 months ago and it is a beauty. It is another great product by TM. I do occasionally have problems with it but the root of the problem is always the gas. The safety is hard to "turn on" but easy to take off and is at good position surprisingly comfortable. The mag release is not ambidextrous but can be switched to a left or righty quite easily took me 2 minutes as I'm a lefty. It kicks good definitely a good buy. My only gripe is the lack of upgrade parts but those are still out there.

Phillip on 3/17/13

This is the best gun u can buy the price is a little high but totally worth it

nate on 3/7/13

this is a really good gun that i would recomend to any one.

Matthew on 10/2/12

This gun is fantastic, of course being a TM. The performance is flawless and has zero problems on duster gas. The gun has a nice kick and very good gas consumption. The mag is a bit hefty though, but doesn't subtract the overall feel and performance of the gun. Take down/field strip is easy as well, cleaning it is a quick and painless process.

Overall, great gun for the money.

Anderson on 7/31/12

I fired the real FN Five Seven at my local gun range and decided it was THE pistol I had to have. Unfortunately its has an upper end cost for a pistol, costing from $1,000-$1,300 everywhere you look. I decided that this airsoft gun could hold me over, and it did! this is one of the most accurate replicas you could buy, it even weighs about the same. This gun is a must have!

Bobbylee on 7/18/12

Let me first say that Ehobby Asia is great to deal with. The pistol arrived in less than 7 days and it was perfectly packed.

The pistol is amazing! Great kick, deadly accurate and oh so cool. The one drawback is that the outer barrel is light aluminum and with green gas in the US, the barrel will tear itself apart. Of course, replacement parts can be had here, but get ready to order a new outer barrel.

NonEx on 1/20/11

What can I say. After playing Splinter Cell: Conviction for 6months straight I was in love with the 5-7 and wanted a replica. Not much to be said about this piece, it's a Marui GBB, that in itself warrants a purchase. Excellent build quality, feel and function. Kick is insane on Green Gas. I purchased alot of upgrades for mine (well, all of them) but in terms of the stock gun it is a very good performer. Good magazine both BB wise and gas wise. You get about 2-3 fills of BBs in a single gas fill on Green Gas. Accuracy is great when you manage to control the kick :)
Very satisfactory to shoot.
Only thing to note is if you have small hands, the grip will be awkward due to it's lenght/depth. It somewhat compensates for this by being very thing width wise. Meduim and large hands should have no problems, but be ware small handed people!
If you like the 5-7 and want an airsoft version, don't hessitate!

GxG on 2/27/10

Nice piece! It's very accurate. @10m 6 bb's in the same spot (hole). Impressive. Check you tube for my review and shooting accuracy.

RIchard on 8/11/09

The gun is great choice for anyone that owns a P90 and wants a reliable side arm, or for anyone who wants a reliable side arm with a ton of power and accuracy. The gun it very large (beretta 92 size) and has a lot of course edges. The Stippling on the grip is VERY ROUGH and unless your wearing gloves might annoy you or make your hand very uncomfortable. Power is around 300 FPS.

Over all get this gun.

eHobby Asia

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