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Real Sword RS Type 97B AEG

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Real Sword RS Type 97B AEG
-- Same size of the real steel
-- CNC Processed Duralumin forged frame, hard coat anodized
-- High strength polymer, Nylon 66, made buttstock, upper and lower handguard
-- Prefect reproduction of the real Type97B short assault rifle and newly custom design 7mm Bearing T1 Gearbox

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Item Number: RS-AEG-R092-T97B
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Real Sword RS Type 97B AEGReal Sword RS Type 97B AEG
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Real Sword RS Type 97B AEG Real Sword RS Type 97B AEG Real Sword RS Type 97B AEG Real Sword RS Type 97B AEG Real Sword RS Type 97B AEG Real Sword RS Type 97B AEG Real Sword RS Type 97B AEG Real Sword RS Type 97B AEG Real Sword RS Type 97B AEG Reference Photo from RS Reference Photo from RS Reference Photo from RS
"RS (Real Sword) specializes in manufacturing airsoft guns and aims to reproduce it without changing the original product. All products maintain the features and style of the real steel original,creating more realistic and perfect wargame pleasure. Due to their reliability and stability, we recommend every RS product model to you and hope it will surprise and thrill airsoft players and collectors."

"RS has studied the real steel thoroughly and took dimension of the real steel carefully. The RS 97B has perfectly reflected the developing concept of RS product as well. That is faithful to the original size, original techniques and original outlook design, truly experienced the battle feeling of type 97B short assault rifle in the game"

RS continue their principle of creating authentic airsoft replicas of real steel guns with this Type 97B. Their thorough research and development means that this is an ultra-realistic AEG. Just like their Type 56/Type56-1, it features an all-new specially-developed 7mm bearing metal gearbox so that the original dimensions could be retained
Special Custom Design 7mm bearing metal gear box has special high strength gear sets, air seal nozzle and spring release device, for easy care and maintenance
Gear box tail is designed with quick detachable spring guide base. Just like the RS type 97 for quickly disassembly, you can change the power spring quickly
Real steel factory standard high strength duralumin forged frame, CNC processed, same size with real steel, hard coat anodizing, same anticorrosion with real steel
14mm Counter-Clockwise muzzle device, with trumpet-shape flash hider
pistol grip is arc shape which is an ergonomic design to short assault rifle. Such design plus the thumb place above the grip makes holding gun very comfortable and firm
M16 type Magazine accommodate 130 rounds double-column BB (Also compatible with most brands of M16 Series magazine)
Dovetail groove mount base, able to type 97 picatinny mount base adapter for all optics & accessories with 20mm mount
3 Position adjustable Gas Regulator imitated selecting
Unique serial number, worthy of collection
Item Weight (gram) 3300
Major Color Black
Length 710mm
Hop-up Adjustable
Shooting Mode Semi/Fully Automatic
Gearbox Type N/A
AEG Power Source 8.4V 1200mAh
Fit Battery Pack Other Custom Pack
Barrel Thread Type Counter-Clockwise
Barrel Thread Diameter 14mm
Magazine Capacity 130 Rounds
Bullet Type 6mm BB
Power (Muzzle Velocity) 400 FPS
Package Includes
  • RS Chinese Type 97B Airsoft Electric Rifle
  • 130rd M16 Magazine
  • Gas Regulator
  • Disassembly & Maintenance Instruction Sheet
  • Instruction Manual (English / Chinese & Japanese)
  • Accessories Box
Manufacturer Real Sword

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Customer Reviews

wes on 6/6/14

This gun really owns every cheap AEG. I had this gun for few years now, and now I am going to upgrade it to shoot 400fps because Marui is perfect brand to upgrade. My gun has seen about 30k bb and was working like new and shooting extremely accurate. Great gun for this price.

Sev on 6/30/13

When I first saw this gun, I knew I had to have it. I love collecting obscure guns such as this one, but this is by far the best. Its a blast to deal with, from dissembling down to the motor, to firing. Fitting the battery can be tough though, as its very tight inside the gun, and a bit of a pain to charge though. The gun can take hits to, so you will get your moneys worth. The magazine it comes with is high quality and realistic. This gun takes m4/m16 mags, ( It took my tokyo marui m16a1 mags and fired them without an issue). The real sword that it comes with though is only interchangeable among certain guns, but none the less is an amazing gun. If you can I recommend picking this baby up along with the pictanny base.

Richard on 1/1/11

This gun is rapidly became my favourite amongst my AEGS and I have plenty of them.

First of all, although at first sight the fire selector and the mag release is not placed ergonomically with very short practicing all of them can be used with ease.

The natural feel and weight, the grips (which does not containt the motor, so they van be identical to the real steel as the materials and production process of the gun body) simply natural feel to hold and shoulder or aim. The compactness in this case does not mean this gun is only suitable for CQB, it is amazingly accurate, and powerful right out of the box. Mine chronoed at a whopping 439 fps after I have set the hopup and fired a couple of rounds, so decided to put in a tavor M100 stock spring and the FPS settled at 370-375. (375 with M100 means the compression is far better than the tavors, which shoot 340 fps with the same spring). Accuracy is dead on, M4 hops cannot even compete, with a good bbs 6-9 cm groupings at 33m with 3rd bursts (100ft) is not a challange.

Working with the internals are a piece of cake, after removing a pin, and 3 screws you can easily remove the gearbox and you can work on it. Also you can change the spring in relatively fast, althogh the system is a little bit slower than the tavor's. But is made of very good materials and the spring guide is secured more firmly in the QBZ (type97).

The fiber reinforced PA66, steel and duralmin parts are nice to touch and the whole gun is very solid, no wobbling whatsoever. Amazing.

I use a firefox 7,4v 1100 stock tube lipo in the pistol grip, and it is more than enough with the stock high speed motor and with the m100 spring i have mentioned above. Trigger response is nice, and ROF is great for my taste (I don't beleive in insane high rofs anymore, it is just wasting bbs imho.)

I have purchased an EMAG with the gun which fits perfectly in it, I recommend those mags for this and other guns too. They are cheap, midcaps, they do not rattle during the game, and built and feed well.

What else can I say ?

Go and get yourself one of these. They are awesome guns. I am thinking of selling some of my collection, simply because I do not see why should I keep them, this little baby can do anything in one compact and comfy package.

Kurt on 9/5/10

1. As someone said, you can run through a wall, without fearing the gun to have a single scratch. This a gun you can rely on.
2. It is very comfortable. Left handed-people should test it first, as the thumbrest is not ambidextrous. A little bit too heavy, but it is said to be the same as real one. Even if the weigh is clearly on the rear of the grip, you can shoot one-handed or run while holding the gun in one hand without any problem. Magazine change can be difficult, as usual on bullpup guns. If you mount your red dot on the 20 mm rail (option), you will have a little bit too much offset to the barrel, but again this is related with the bullpup configuration. The front sling attachment is quite small and may need modification for example if you want to use the magpul sling, but the rear one is OK.
3. The gearbox just rocks. No upgrade needed. Just put an M100 spring by unscrewing one screw, and you will get a perfect accuracy and very decent ROF (see below for battery issues). I already fired something like 8000 rounds without any problem. Be carefull as the barrel is not compatible with standard ones. You do not need to change it anyway. Than to bullpup concept, it is longer than any other compactt aegs.
4. You cannot get much spare parts, put it is possible to find almost alls gearbox parts as spare. I regret that you cannot buy the complete gearbox as one set, which could be usefull in case of major breakdown. This shouldn't happen to most players, but hardcore players may consider this.
4. Now the big issue : putting the battery in it. Even with sthe standard battery, it is almost impossible to do it easily without modification and a lot of training. Modifications must be well thought, especially for the wires, whose setting quickly becomes a nightmare.
I made a custom 3 parts LiFePo battery (9,9 V 1100 mAh). I put one element in each of the grips, and one above the trigger. I also managed to build a Cheetah MOSFET in it, by slightly milling the bottom part of the outer barrel.
The results just is just fantastic. I measured 20 rounds per second at 350 FPS, and already shot 1500 rounds whithout charging the battery.

If you are not a beginner, don't be affraid of this gun. You will really be rewarded, as tactical performance are just over the top, and nobody will ignore you when you get this out of the bag.


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