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MAGPUL (KWA) PTS FPG Folding Pistol Gun (Complete Version)

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MAGPUL PTS FPG™ Completed Gun Set (Powered by KWA)
-- Airsoft Version of FMG9 (Folding Pocket Gun)
-- Complete Version and Ready to Play
-- Semi-/Fully Automatic Shooting Mode
-- Full Metal Slide & 2inch longer Barrel assembly
-- Two 49rd Long Magazine with Magpul Magazine Cover

-- Package Include Magpul PTS FPG Sling Adaptor

-- TaiWan Reinforced Version


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MAGPUL (KWA) PTS FPG Folding Pistol Gun (Complete Version)MAGPUL (KWA) PTS FPG Folding Pistol Gun (Complete Version)
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KWA-GBB-FPGSET MAGPUL (KWA) PTS FPG™ Folding Pistol Gun (Complete Version) MAGPUL (KWA) PTS FPG™ Folding Pistol Gun (Complete Version) MAGPUL (KWA) PTS FPG™ Folding Pistol Gun (Complete Version) MAGPUL (KWA) PTS FPG™ Folding Pistol Gun (Complete Version) MAGPUL (KWA) PTS FPG™ Folding Pistol Gun (Complete Version) MAGPUL (KWA) PTS FPG™ Folding Pistol Gun (Complete Version) MAGPUL (KWA) PTS FPG™ Folding Pistol Gun (Complete Version) MAGPUL (KWA) PTS FPG™ Folding Pistol Gun (Complete Version) MAGPUL (KWA) PTS FPG™ Folding Pistol Gun (Complete Version)
Finally, after we all impressed on 2008 SHOT SHOW, the airsoft version of MAGPUL PTS FPG (Folding Pocket Gun) (Formerly called FMG9) is here at ehobbyasia.

FPG Kit made by reinforced Polymer
Completed Gun Set powered by KWA G18C Slide & Barrel Assembly
Full Metal Custom Slide & Outer Barrel - 2inch longer than normal Glock 18 to fit the length of this box)
Come With Two 49 rounds Metal Magazine with Magpul Base Cover
Top Picatinny Rail
Detachable carry-handle/sight combo with light shield

Package Include Magpul PTS FPG Sling Adaptor

Item Weight (gram) 1380
Major Color Black
Length 245mm / 385mm (Extended)
Barrel Length ~148mm
Blow Back Yes
Hop-up Adjustable
Shooting Mode Semi/Fully Automatic
Magazine Capacity 49 Rounds
Bullet Type 6mm BB
Pistol Power Source HFC134a & HFC22 Gas
Power (Muzzle Velocity) 330 FPS (Top Gas Test @ 25°C Room Temperature) / 260 FPS (HFC134a Test @ 25°C Room Temperature)
Manufacturer MAGPUL PTS
Package Includes
  • MAGPUL PTS FPG Folding Completed Gun Set
  • KWA Slide & Barrel Assembly
  • 49rd Magazine
  • MAGPUL PTS Magazine Cover
  • Instruction Manual

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Customer Reviews

Mister-TH on 8/2/14

A very nice SMG. Really strong, beautiful and accurate. I really love it !

chris on 3/21/14

It's a cool little toy.
Makes a great sound of full\auto, even semi.
I got 2 49 rd mags cause and use it with my KSC 18C...
It's cool showing people who are not into guns....

Dan on 4/8/13

Great gun overall on a great KWA glock platform. Crazy rate of fire, great accuracy and value. Fold up function is a cool factor

Norwegian guy on 3/30/13

I love the FPG, when it works. It may not exactly be a drop in and play kit for some peoples donor G18's, but with a little work you can get it going. The only major complaint I have about it is the mag catch. This is a part I expect to work for at least a year before it wears down. Having it wear down in a month just plain sucks.(as mine did)

Kovacs on 2/18/13

I originally got this as a film prop, thinking it was a cool looking (& sounding) toy. However, after my primary SMG died on me, I deployed this and was totally taken with how well it performed. While you don't have range, the pure speed you can fix on a target when you round a corner or pop over cover lets you get the drop on guys toting longer & heavier guns.

Bonus, the 'ka-KUNK!' sound you make when deploying it does wonders for team morale!

Eric on 8/30/12

The FPG is essentically a KWA Glock 18 fitted in this great little package with tons of features. Because it's a KWA Glock, its internal parts are interchangable with current KWA after market parts, also this FPG comes with a longer barrel which improves accuracy and grouping.

The folding and unfolding are extememly easy and can be done very quickly, the charging handel also makes a satisfying metal clank when unfolded, combined with a high rate of fire with extended magazine, this is the definition of badass

Vincent on 5/14/11

Only one word.. EXCELLENT !!

nicky d on 3/23/11

this gun is a great buy! when i first got this gun i was very surprised because it also came with a handy holster which i always use. So over all this product is very accurate and is awesome.

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