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FALCON 6.03 Extended Precision Inner Barrel Set for KSC/Umarex MP7 GBB (363mm)

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FALCON Precision Inner Barrel
-- CNC Alloy Copper Construction
-- Best Suit to KSC / Umarex MP7 Series Airsoft Gas Blow Back Pistol
-- Set with Hop-Up Rubber

Length: 363mm
Inner Diameter: 6.03mm

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Item Number: FALCON-PIB-F92S-363
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"eHobby Asia is now introducing FALCON (TW) Airsoft Parts Series. FALCON (TW) is developed by a group of airsoft enthusiasts and survival game players. With more a decade of experience in developing airsoft and IPSC product, FALCON (TW) has been a leading OEM manufacturer for numerous Taiwan airsoft well known brand. Now, FALCON (TW) develops its own brand and serve the airsoft players at an affordable price. IPSC Quick Shoot Holster, Double Point Hop Up Rubber and Precision CNC Barrel are their leading products."

FALCON Precision Inner Barrel
Internal diameter 6.03mm built for precision shooting
CNC Alloy Copper Construction
Best Suit to KSC / Umarex MP7 Series Airsoft Gas Blow Back Pistol
Include Hop-Up Rubber
Built for stability and precision shooting
Tighter grouping & more accurate shooting
Item Weight (gram) 65
Major Color Silver
Length 363mm
Adaptive End N/A
Built Material CNC Alloy Copper
Manufacturer FALCON

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Customer Reviews

Simon on 3/2/13

No doubt you heard rumors and hear say that this kit can amp your mp7a1 to well over 500fps...
they are no rumors, it's fact.
I chrono mine in at 520 fps, that's more than my we tech m4.
Even combined with the KWA cqb bolt carrier its doing 350 fps and that shoots as far the eye can see.
I really really recommend this barrel as it's turned one of the best gbb's in into the ultimate gbb.

tylerting on 7/16/11

The way gas guns work, the longer your barrel, the higher your fps. This is because gas stays in the barrel longer propelling the bb before they are both expelled. This barrel is so long that you HAVE to have the VFC suppressor to cover it up. My KWA MP7 has been fully upgraded in terms of the bolt (rocket valve & spring). It was shooting 440 fps with .2 bb's before I got this. With the extended inner barrel, it is shooting 560 fps with .2 bb's. That is some serious power. There is nothing bad to say about this product and it is a really nice bonus that it comes with a hopup rubber since the KWA is prone to swelling with silicon oil. Highly recommend getting this barrel.

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